Work Experience

iOS Software Engineering Intern - Facebook -

Menlo Park, CA - Summer 2017

  • Developed several features to improve the new user experience on Facebook for iOS
  • Launched biweekly experiments to test and collect data on UI changes

Software Engineering Intern - Perceive Inc -

West Lafayette, IN - Fall 2016

  • Developed tools for machine learning to improve in-store marketing

iOS Apps and Frameworks - Software Engineering Intern - Apple -

Cupertino, CA - Summer 2016

  • Developed new iOS feature with direction from HI Design and various teams across Apple
  • Contributed to bug/feature work across many applications and frameworks, including Settings, Accounts, and iCloud

Technical HR Intern - Apple -

Cupertino, CA - Summer 2015

  • Designed and built PHP web application for managing intern hiring data
  • Developed solution to generate automated reports

CTO - iDrone -

Salt Lake City, UT - Summer 2014-Spring 2015

  • Developing the future of UAV technologies
  • Design and develop custom drones
  • Develop autonomous flight systems and platforms

Web Developer - Verbatim Solutions -

Salt Lake City, UT – Summer 2014-Spring 2015

  • Enhanced Website to improve SEO
  • Developed express checkout with automatic word count for over 15 file types

Lead Web Application Developer - AGA Systems Inc -

Kaysville, UT – Summer 2013-Present

  • Developed web application for company management and customer interactions, increasing efficiency and reducing mistakes
  • Trained customers on portal operations

CAD Designer - Waterford School -

Sandy, UT - Summer 2014

  • Designed large crew oar rack storage equipment to be fabricated for the upcoming school year.

Project Engineer - Palmer Christiansen -

Salt Lake City, UT – Summer 2012

  • Developed company website:
  • Processed, traced and filed RFIs and ASIs
  • Updated contract drawings and specifications

Web Developer - Spivey Engineering -

Spring 2012

  • Updated Company Website

Intern, Video Game Developer - Waterford Institute -

Salt Lake City, UT – Summer 2011

  • Used HTML5 Canvas to create educational games intended for use in elementary classroom settings
  • Developed a chat room server using node.js to add multiplayer functionality